About Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation

Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation (IKF) is the non-profit arm of Ixoraa Media Private Limited.

Ixoraa Media has created the brand INK, India’s foremost platform for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and thought leadership. Through live events and digital media, we share inspiring stories and disruptive thinking – gathered from the most unexpected sources. INK is known for events such as the annual INK Conference, INK Asia, and INK Salons. Video releases are available at INKtalks.com.

Beyond events, INK is a community that transforms imagination to impact. Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation (IKF) shares the INK brand and has taken the task of fostering this transformation to impact. At the forefront of our efforts to create meaningful impact for the benefit of society is the INK Fellows Program. IKF also supports other programs to support youth and change-makers in their endeavours.


INK Fellows Program


Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation is proud to support the INK Fellows Program, a global, cross-disciplinary community of young path-breakers who we believe will be the shapers of tomorrow. Every year, we identify the minds that are redefining their fields of expertise and the world around them. The program then extends support to them so they can maximize their impact.

Specific objectives of the INK Fellows program are:

  • To provide Fellows with mentorship, coaching, contacts, and specially designed opportunities;
  • To give Fellows a platform for discovery and exposure like no other, so that our change-makers gain access to potential customers, funding opportunities, accolades, and other forms of support vital to their development and success; and
  • To create a community of like-minded peers on unconventional career paths, from any field. The experience of being a change-maker is often isolating, as it can lack the financial security, clarity of direction and social networks inherent in traditional jobs. Being an INK Fellow comes with peer support necessary to take brilliant work to the next level.

Major funding for the INK Fellows Program comes from Tata Trusts.

Learn more about the INK Fellows Program and meet the INK Fellows here.



To create meaningful impact for the benefit of society, Ixoraa Knowledge Foundation depends on the generous support of partners.

Our key partner in the INK Fellows Program is Tata Trusts.

Further support of our endeavors comes from EdelGive Foundation and Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation.




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Executive Director
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